Individual 1:1 Gut "Check-Up"

Meet with Stacey 1:1 via Zoom for an individualized assessment of your diet and gut health and learn why you may be struggling with gut issues like heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, diarrhea, gas, constipation, etc. In our 90-120 minute evaluation, we’ll go over your symptoms, current diet/lifestyle and discuss a variety of ways to address what is causing your symptoms. Remember, gut issues may also look like random skin issues and/or autoimmune diseases. Addressing the gut is always the first step! $375 includes the first initial 90-120 minute meeting as well as two 30 minute follow up calls, spaced over a 4 week period. Shortly after booking your appointment, you’ll receive an email from Stacey with 4 forms (a disclaimer form, a food journal, an initial interview form and a metabolic assessment form) to fill out and email back prior to your appointment.